Save Asia Bibi from Christian persecution

by Leah Rosenberg

Brigitte Gabriel is pleading for you to help save Asia Bibi and her family from Christian persecution. They are suffering for no reason!

Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi is a Christian in Pakistan. The suffering she endured is beyond what anyone can imagine. Torture, solitary confinement, imprisonment. What did she do? Actually, Nothing. They charged her with blasphemy, but she committed no crime. Muslims just wanted her dead for the “offense” of being Christian. Although she was freed from jail, nevertheless, she is not allowed to leave Pakistan. Mobs of radical Muslims are forcing Asia Bibi and her family to live in hiding because if they come out, the Muslims will murder them. These radicals have even gone door to door searching for her and her family.

Is that a life of freedom? Asia might have been released from prison, but is it truly freedom if she cannot live how she wishes? Is it a crime to practice freedom of religion? Well, radical Muslims believe it is. And their only answer is to persecute Christians. The free world must stop this!

Brigitte Gabriel’s Plea

Brigitte Gabriel grew up in Lebanon as a Christian. Therefore, Gabriel understands what it means to be a Christian with radical Islamists all around. Indeed, she lived that life. She suffered through it. And now she is asking President Trump to grant Asia Bibi asylum in the United States. Gabriel said, “If we don’t save her, she is going to die.” Christian persecution is the highest it has ever been in modern history. Muslims are torturing, beating, and murdering Christians. How can we let this go on anymore?


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