What lies behind the Western Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

The Old City of Jerusalem holds the holiest site in all of Judaism: Mount Moriah. The holiest site is NOT the Western Wall like some might think.

Mount Moriah

This video gives a perfect explanation of the history of Mount Moriah, or the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Jewish people’s history connecting them to this holy place dates back thousands of years! The spirituality that emanates from that location is beyond what one can imagine. It is where heaven and earth meet, so to say. God picked that location for Abraham to bind his son. God also chose that spot for the Temple to be built.

There is no question that the holiest spot in the world for the Jewish people is Mount Moriah.

Why This Video is so Important

Historian Ken Spiro’s video about Mount Moriah is important on so many levels. It shows the history of Judaism’s holiest place. It proves something that the world denies! Jerusalem is rich with Jewish history. The world needs to accept the connection – it truly is hard to deny.

Aside from that, it is important for the Jewish people to realize what is behind the Western Wall. Jews all over the world pray toward Israel. And in Israel, toward Jerusalem. And in Jerusalem, toward the Old City. When Jews pray in the Old City at the Western Wall, they should not pray straight. They should turn and pray toward the direction of what is behind the Wall: Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount. We pray at the Western Wall because in the world we live in today, sadly we are not allowed to pray beyond that point. But we must remember that the Western Wall is not the holiest site. The wall surrounds the holiest site. When we believe the Western Wall is all we need, we forget about what we are praying for: The rebuilding of the Temple.

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