Temple University Professor Wants to “Go Down” Like a Terrorist

by Avi Abelow

Leila Khaled was the first woman terrorist to ever hijack an airplane. This is whom Temple University Professor Marc Hill wants to emulate. Temple University should fire him immediately!

Marc Hill’s “Collective Punishment”

Marc Hill connects the black civil rights movement and the Muslim terror war against Israel. Let us be clear, there is no connection whatsoever between the civil rights movement in the USA and the Muslim Arab terror war against Jews in the name of “palestine”.

Hill says that just as American blacks should be using violence against the “violent” state of America, he believes the Muslim Arabs should be using violence against Israel. He doesn’t want to use non-violence against the American State, he wants to “go down like Leila Khaled”, a terrorist!

Yes, a University Professor said that in standing up against the violent state of the USA, he wants to go down like a violent terrorist and not with non-violence.

Ignoring Facts

Putting aside the virulent anti-Americanism this University “Professor” expresses, he also totally disregards history.

This University Professor seems to ignore the fact that Israel was attacked by numerous Arab/Muslim countries in both 1948 and 1967, and none of those that attacked Israel was a people called “palestinians”, because they didn’t exist!

No “palestinian” Arabs were collectively punished. The Arabs who lived in the land of Israel were told to run away from their homes by the Arab Muslim leaders. They lost their homes because their Arab Muslim brethren lost a war that they launched to destroy Israel and throw Jews into the sea!

Marc Hill should be placing blame on the Arab Muslim world to take responsibility for the Arabs losing their homes and becoming refugees, not Israel!

Leila Khaled

Khaled is the first woman to hijack an airplane.

She was part of a terrorist team that hijacked TWA Flight 840 in August 1969. The flight was on its way from Rome to Tel Aviv. Khaled and her terrorist friends diverted the Boeing plane to Damascus, Syria.

Then in September, 1970 she attempted to attack another plane. This time it was an El Al plane from Amsterdam to New York City. This was party of a bigger terrorist plot to hijack a number of planes around the world simultaneously.

Khaled and her partner were stopped and the hijacking attacked was foiled by Israeli sky marshalls.

Marc Hill’s Apology is Meaningless

Just a few months ago Marc Hill was caught expressing support for the destruction of Israel when he said “from the river to the sea palestine should be free”. In response to the fierce pushback he received, he issued the following apology.

“I take seriously the voices of so many Jewish brothers and sisters, who have interpreted my remarks as a call to or endorsement of violence. Rather than hearing a political solution, many heard a dog-whistle that conjured a long and deep history of violence against Jewish people. Although this was the furthest thing from my intent, those particular words clearly caused confusion, anger, fear, and other forms of harm. For that, I am deeply sorry,” he wrote.

However, in light of his support of a convicted terrorist, his apology is meaningless.

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