The so-called “apartheid” in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The world screams about apartheid in Israel. But is that the truth? Does Israel really discriminate against Arabs and other religions? Here’s the answer.

Apartheid in Israel

There is none. It might be hard to believe if you just listen to the news headlines, but that is the truth – there is no apartheid in Israel. Arabs have equal opportunities. They are not mistreated by the Israeli government (only by their own leadership, sadly). Arabs work, ride public transportation, walk beside Jewish people, and yes – they even shop in the same supermarkets as Israelis. They hold positions in the government, army, and police force. They go to the same universities as Israelis. This is anything but apartheid!

These are just the facts. Speak to the Arabs who work in Israel and hold these important positions. Speak to the students who study in the same library as their Jewish friends. If they lived anywhere else in the Middle East, they most definitely would not have the freedom to accomplish what they are able to accomplish in Israel.

Don’t Listen to the Media

Please, do not listen to what the media tells you about the Jewish state. If you want to know about the so-called apartheid in Israel, come and see it for yourself. You will not find it. But you will find people of different religions living side by side. Do you see that in Syria? Iraq? Iran? What about Lebanon?

More people need to know the truth about Israel. Watching videos like these and showing how Arabs have equal opportunities in the workforce is important. Amdocs is a company that is proof of the fact that there is no apartheid in Israel. They are filled with diversity. Then again, so is the entire country of Israel. Stop the lies, and start sharing the truth!

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