Israeli archaeologists discover seals pointing directly to the Bible

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is filled with ancient history. There are many archaeological digs going on all over the country. The one that has been most interesting, is the dig that happens in the ancient City of David.

The City Of David

David, just a young shepherd, was anointed King, after King Saul and his son Jonathan were killed in battle. King David conquers the city of Jerusalem, taking the Ark of the Covenant into the city, it is here where his son, King Solomon will build the first Temple.

The ancient City of David, located outside the Old City of Jerusalem, next to the neighborhood of Silwan. It is said that this area was settled because of the Pools of Siloam, which are referred to in both the New and the Old Testament. There are water tunnels, which still carry water today, built by King Hezekiah.


The City of David is enriched with archaeology. Exploration started here in the 19th Century, by a man named Charles Warren, 1897. Warren was sent by the Palestinian Exploration Fund, a British Society founded in 1865. Warren started digging south of the Temple Mount, where he found a massive fortification.

Warren then led more excavations in this area, finding water tunnels, leading to water source. Today, there is a shaft called Warren’s Shaft, after Charles Warren, who founded it and thought it may have helped the ancient City of David receive water.

There have been many archaeological digs going on in this area. There have been findings from all sorts of ages. From the Early, Middle and Late Bronze Age, the Iron Age, Babylonian Period, the Hasmonean Period, even the modern period around the time of the War of Independence.

What has been found? Mainly pottery from all these ages. Arrowheads have been found, clay tablet has been found written in an ancient Akkadian script. There have been structures found, walls cut in a certain way, showing these may be the walls of ancient houses. Tombs have been found, where high priests might be buried. The most recent finding is a seal, with the words The King written on it. This is mind blowing.

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