Qatari sociologist teaches son how to beat his future wife

by Leah Rosenberg

Yes, this Qatari sociologist is teaching his son something highly disturbing. And watch as the son smiles about it! What a sick culture!

Educating Children

Educating children is a major responsibility. In the Western world, we like to ensure that our children have proper manners, treat everyone with respect, and accept people of all faiths and religions. We teach our sons to treat their wives like queens, to provide for them, and make them happy.

But the world of radical Islam is far different from Western values.

Qatari Sociologist Educating Son

In radical Islam, they teach their sons how to beat their wives. You can see how Qatari Sociologist Dr. Abdulazeez al-Khazraj al-Ansari is educating his son. This is just child abuse. It is called brainwashing. And sadly, the next generation will be just like this one if things don’t change.

Even if you already know that this culture exists, it is just as shocking each time. It makes you wonder how people can actually have such horrendous ideology. But they do. And we must fight against it.

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