Guess which country Alan Dershowitz argues has the best record of human rights?

by Phil Schneider

Professor Dershowitz, an avowed liberal, speaks about human rights. He has done this for fifty years, and is one of the leading voices in the world for human rights around the world. Dershowitz says it better than anyone else. The entire concept of condemning Israel for it’s human rights record is absolute hypocrisy. He uses the word – hijack – when he refers to the fact that Israel has the best human rights record in the world compared to every other country that is involved in conflict.

Ignoring Other Major Human Rights Issues

The most powerful point of what Dershowitz argues is that the people who are the true unfortunates in this situation are not the Israelis or the Arabs. It is the true unfortunate people in the world who the world chooses to shut their eyes to in order to just focus on Israel. This is a powerful point. He is not here to merely defend Israel. His goal is to refocus the lens of world opinion where it truly ought to be – on the matters that truly matter. In Darfur, in Syria, in Iraq, and other places where hundreds of thousands of people are caught in genuine human rights messes.

He is right. It is a blessing that so much of the world focuses on little Israel. But that focus should not be one of criticism of Israel’s human rights record. It should be based on praise for Israel’s human rights record and achievements in general.

The basic concept of knee-jerk criticism of Israel is hypocritical, wrong, and completely based on nothing but knee-jerk age-old anti-semitism. The professor is right.

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