New documentary reveals a frightening truth about American policy

by Leah Rosenberg

America, a world power, a playground that all countries want to play in. Some of their policies can be frightening. Some American Citizens feel that the policy does not have their best interests at heart.

American Policy

America is a world power, some say it is the world super power. Many countries look towards America for guidance. America has a great voice around the world. However, the American people feel that the government has put its nose where it does not belong.

Every country needs a foreign policy, but America is not putting its citizens’ interest first. Citizens are saying that the Government is putting its own interest first without thinking about the people and how decisions will affect them. The Government needs to deal with its own citizens first. Deal with its own problems at home, then deal with the problems of the world.


A country located in Western Asia, Islam is the official religion of Qatar. Qatar is a great power in the Arab world and it is where the Arab network, Al Jezeera is located. Qatar is either a constitutional or absolute monarchy run by the Al Thani Family. Qatar law does not permit the establishment of political bodies or trade unions.

Sharia Law, the Islam religious law is applied in Qatar for family, inheritance and several criminal acts. An Article in Qatar’s Criminal Code, states that the penalty for adultery is 100 lashes. In 2006 a woman received 100 lashes for just that. Where is the Human Rights Council? In 2010, over 15 people were to receive 40-100 lashes for inappropriate sexual behavior and alcohol consumption. Where is the Human Rights Council? If the Council is silent it only encourages the tormentor.

Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood, also known as the Society of Muslim Brothers was found in Egypt by a school teacher in 1928. The organization has gained support over the years and has influenced groups such as Hamas. The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to install the Quran, as the sole reference point for ordering the life of the Muslim Family, individual community and the State. Countries such as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia show their support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, uprising, and rebellions that spread across the middle east in 2010. It began in response to oppressive regimes and low standard of living. The revolts started off in Tunisia but spread to other countries such as Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.

The Muslim Brotherhood, now not only resides in Muslim countries in the middle east but has spread to the United States. The Brotherhood is known for violence, however, none of the US Governments, even with pressure has declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Arab Incitement
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