Geneva’s UN Human Rights Council just witnessed something for the first time

by Leah Rosenberg

The United Nations Human Rights Council has just been silenced. For the first time they have heard horror stories of political prisoners, human rights activists and more. These stories are heartbreaking.

United Nations Human Rights Council

The idea and the goal behind the UN Human Rights Council, is just that. To put pressure on governments that do not give their citizens the rights they deserve. The UNHRC is based in Geneva, Switzerland, it was formed in 2006.

The Council, however, has been strongly criticized. First, many of its members do not follow their conduct. They do not practice what they preach. Many countries have said that the Council focuses too much on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict and not on other countries, where the citizens are in dire need of help.

The Council consists of 47 members, countries such as Qatar, China, Nigeria, Iraq, the US, the UK, Spain, Egypt, and South Africa. People from all over these countries and others have been brought to the UN Human Rights Council to testify against their governments.

The Human Rights Council has been focused on Israel and the Palestinian Conflict. It has been silent on other matters, the silence only encourages the tormentor. The Council has issued over 70 sanctions to Israel over the years. Where are the sanctions for countries such as Qatar? Syria? Venezuala?

Political Prisoners

This is someone who has been imprisoned for their political activity. Many people have been imprisoned because they have spoken out against their government. In the Soviet Union, there have been many political prisoners as people speak out or disagree with the government in some way. In Nazi Germany, there were many political prisoners, anyone who disagreed with Hitler was taken into imprisonment.

Political Prisoners are being tortured, beaten up, made to eat glass. Things that we think are unimaginable. Things we do not even think about doing to another person are being done by certain governments. Countries such as Venezuela, Qatar, Iraq and many others. Where is the Human Rights Council?

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