The Most Important Elections for Israel Hardly Anybody Knows About

by Phil Schneider

Did you know that you can vote in the election for the World Zionist Congress and make an impact on Israel and the Jewish people? THERE ARE ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!

So many American Jews with no eligibility to vote in Israel WISH they could’ve affected the outcome of our recent election. Until you make aliyah and can vote in Israel’s elections, you are in a unique position to impact how $5 billion (literally) of dollars to Jewish and Israel-related causes are allocated. Please vote in the World Zionist Elections and encourage everyone you know to vote – voting ends on March 11!

The anti-Israel left are voting in tens of thousands to change Israel and weaken the Jewish people abroad by getting control over those budgets. They have replaced Judaism with their progressive values and now they want to replace the Jewish State of Israel with their progressive values. Don’t let them!

For just $7.50 registration fee, you can help the Jewish people and the State of Israel! Do not let this opportunity pass. Your $7.50 is worth $5 billion in strengthing Israel and the Jewish people!

Go vote!!! And share this with all your friends to vote:

The “right” options to choose from:

Kol Yisrael

Click here to GO VOTE and get everyone you know to vote!!!

ZOA Coalition – Slate #11

Orthodox Israel Coalition – Mizrachi: Vote Torah – Slate #4

Vision – Slate #5

Kol Yisrael – Slate #14

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