Netanyahu’s Personal Message on How You Can Help Israel

by Avi Abelow

The progressive left is trying to weaken Israel and weaken the Jewish character of the State of Israel. Americans have a voice to make a difference to stop the progressive left. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an easy way each one of you in the United States can help Israel and the Jewish People.

The World Zionist Congress is the parliament of the Jewish people. Once every five years is an election, and the elections are now. You have a voice. You can vote! Please vote for the ZOA Coalition now.

The ZOA Coalition slate includes 27 of the strongest pro-Israel organizations leading the battle to defend Israel, sovereignty and the Jewish people. Click here to vote for the ZOA coalition slate #11. They need all the votes possible to not let the coalition of progressive left organizations weaken Israel and the Jewish people.

How to Vote: Instructional Video for the US WZC Election

The elected members will meet this October to:

  • Set policies that affect Israel and the diaspora
  • Allocate billions of dollars in funding to Jewish organizations
  • Determine the future of world Jewry 

Unfortunately, groups like J Street have been working to ensure that delegates from pro-Israel groups like ZOA Coalition do not receive enough delegates to adequately protect the future of World Jewry. 

J-Street backed slates seek to hurt Israel by backing anti-Semitic movements like BDS and promoting “solutions” that involve legitimizing the terror “state” of Palestine.

WZC Elections are open from January 21-March 11. Helping ZOA Coalition and the future of our people is easy and will take less than 5 minutes. You are eligible to vote if: You are a US resident, you will be at least age 18 on June 30, 2020,  you self-identify as Jewish, and you won’t vote in the March 2020 Knesset election.
Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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