Brigitte Gabriel Reveals the Truth About President Trump

by Phil Schneider

Brigitte Gabriel is one-of-a-kind. She has the ability to succinctly explain complex issues through razor-sharp logic. That is why when she speaks, she garners such a large following. Here she explains why we should be so thankful to President Trump for all that he has done for us. President Trump indeed had every reason in the world to not work so hard for the American people and to relax and enjoy his billions of dollars. But instead, he spends all day and most of the night fighting to make America great again.

Often controversial for no apparent reason and rather foul-mouthed, President Trump should not be excused for that. But, he is not a part-time President, and he has accomplished an enormous amount in his first three years at the helm.

Barack Obama proudly declared that he wanted to become a transformational President, namely, one he leaves the world a very different place than it was when he assumed the Presidency. He succeeded. His most important achievement may go down as being the first African American President in US history. That is definitely a major achievement. But his signature policy, Obamacare may very well become known as one of the most short-lived non-starters in attempting to deal with the healthcare issues. Yes, there are those who want to bring it back. But odds are that they will fail.

On the other hand, President Trump will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most divisive Presidents in the history of the republic. But, he will probably also be remembered as the President who brought the Islamic threat to the Western world via Iran down to their knees, and the President who presided over the most booming economy in recent history. If he wins a 2nd nomination, the big question will be whether or not he succeeds in tackling illegal immigration, via a wall, or not. That is the one major issue that he has not truly succeeded on that was part of his election promises.

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