The Differences Between These Two Marches Will Shock You

by Gavriel Dan

America is being torn apart. Nothing shows clearer than the different expressions of the importance of safeguarding life in regards to abortion as seen in the Women’s March vs. the March for Life. The differences between these two marches will shock you.

Although the Women’s March continues, it has lost people every year as more and more extremists hijack it. The marchers insist that Trump is evil, that there is a Patriarchy in charge of everyone’s life, and that life within the womb is not sacrosanct.

Contrast this the March for Life which keeps on growing every year and whose participants believe in the Bible and the sanctity of life, even the unborn.

When confronted with Pro-Life people at their march, one Women’s March participant yelled out “Mary was raped!” The Women’s March calls for the end to the “Patriarchy” and unrestricted abortion.

As the divide deepens in American society, two countries and cultures are developing. While the vast majority of Americans are picking a side just yet, the political climate get worse forcing these issues to the surface.

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