Proud & Visionary Voices for the Jewish People

by Gavriel Dan

Meet Rudy Rochman and Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen.

Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen. , a proud Judean and visionary voice for advancing Jewish history.

Rav Yehuda’s work focuses on inspiring the next generation to become active characters in the current chapter of Israel’s story by defining and achieving the next goals of Jewish liberation. He’s is a thought leader in the Vision movement running in the current elections for the World Zionist Congress. Their main focus is utilizing the resources of the Zionist movement to identity and achieve the next goals of Jewish history. In the last World Zionist Congress, Vision successfully passed a resolution declaring the Jewish people indigenous to the Land of Israel and for the last five years, they’ve been working to direct Zionist funds towards land purchases in Judea and Samaria. The Vision movement takes the position that those who actually know how to maneuver within the World Zionist Organization can use its departments and resources to resist attempts to divide Eretz Yisrael.

Click here to vote for Vision in the World Zionist Congress elections.

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