British Politician Slams the USA & Israel with Antisemitic Trope

by Avi Abelow

Baroness Tonge is one of Britain’s most senior politicians who sits in the House of Lords. She also happens to be extremely anti-Israel. She was actually suspended from her political party the Liberal Democrats back in 2012 because of accusations of antisemitism based on her anti-Israel acts and comments. She has been sitting in the House of Lords as an independent ever since.

In the video above we all see that she continues with her antisemitic activities, this time calling Israel “America’s puppet master”. It was in the context of her saying that British politicians must “not allow our country to fall under the shadow of the United States of America and its puppet master, Israel”.

This is what she said about President Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century: “Many have dismissed the proposals as yet another plan in the decades-old series of talks which have never produced any benefit for the indigenous people of Palestine but have served as a smokescreen for the relentless expansion of Israel into Palestinian lands.”

Tonge added, the proposals will “make sure that Israelis do not ever have to come into contact with Palestinians. Many people have described that as apartheid.”

More lies. Personally, I’m a proud Jewish settler in the Judean Hills and I come into contact with Arab Muslims everyday, on the roads we travel together, in the supermarket, at the gas station etc. Too bad Baroness Tonge is so filled with hate towards Jews that she is not interested in actually understanding the reality on the ground in Judea and Samaria, as President Trump.

In reaction to this horrific anti-US and anti-Israel statement, Lord Eric Pickles, another Lord in the House of Lords, has called upon British authorities to look into the Baroness’ remarks.

“The Baroness knows exactly what she is doing, by stating that the Jewish state is a ‘puppet master’, with global powers such as the USA in its control. That she had to resign from the Liberal Democrats is some comfort, but that she still has a platform for her repugnant views in the House of Lords is shameful.”

A member of Baroness’ Tonge’s old party, the Liberal Democrats, came out publicly criticizing the Baroness. Lord Palmer also happens to be the chair of friends of Israel in the Liberal Democrats party. He said: “The truth is that antisemitism in the UK and elsewhere existed long before the emergence of the state of Israel. The lies about Jews and their supposed control is not new. You can go back to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a tsarist forgery published before Israel was even a tear in Theodor Herzl’s eye. So linking the two or saying that the victim is responsible is absolutely wrong.”

Thank you Lord Pickles and Lord Palmer.

Dr. Risch

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