This British MP Dares To Speak The Truth About Israel

by Gavriel Dan

Anti-semitism in Britain has been on the increase. Whilst there was a sigh of relief after the general elections in December, where the fear of a major anti-semite running the country was put to rest, it does by no means mean that British Jewry is sitting easily at home. This MP makes a refreshing speech for all to hear.

Anti-zionism has turned into anti-semitism. It has gotten to the point throughout the world where people can no longer (in general) discuss their views rationally on Israel. Israel is a country filled with deep political issues that is doing its best to work through them. Israel shines as the only democracy in the Middle East, one of the major hubs of technological advancement for the future and more! And yet, the world doesn’t focus on this. The world listens to lies.

It has gotten to the point in England, where MPs were forced out of their party’s due to anti-zionistism and anti-semitism. It is therefore so refreshing to hear a MP, stand up in his official capacity and deliver such a wonderful speech. He puts lies to rest and is focussing on spreading the truth.

As a member of the House of Commons, Howard Leigh has no ulterior motive here. He just wants to spread the truth and for that we thank him.

Arab Incitement
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