Standing up Strong for the Jewish Character of the Jewish State and the Jewish People

by Phil Schneider

It sounds obvious – “standing up for the Jewish character of the Jewish state and the Jewish people”, but unfortunately, in 2020, it is anything but obvious. The Jewish world, especially in the USA, includes a majority of voices, leaders and organizations, that stand up for charity and helping the world, but do not stand up for what the Jewish people are really about. We are an ancient people, with traditions, a homeland all connected to the one above and his Torah that he gave us. Yet, most US Jewish organizations and leaders have diluted our Jewish identity to fit their progressive values, and throwing aside the truly special aspects of our identity.

Many of these progressive Jewish organizations use Jewish organizational money to dilute our true Jewish character, and weaken the Jewish state of Israel via the World Zionist Congress.

You can help stop that from continuing! The elections for the World Zionist Congress is your chance to have a vote and make sure organizations that truly represents the Jewish character of our peoplehood have the voice and resources to strengthen the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Go vote in the World Zionist Congress today! Listen to my interview with Rabbi Doron Perez, Chief Executive of the Mizrachi movement, a major movement that has impacted, and continues to impact Israel and the Jewish people.

Vote for Orthodox Coalition slate #4.

Full Interview

Dr. Risch

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