Bringing Americans Together on Israel & Fighting Antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

David Borowich Ya’ari posted this message to his American friends explaining why he wants them to vote for Kol Yisrael list in the World Zionist Elections:

Dear Friends in America – as I sit in quarantine in Florida (having attended AIPAC and come in contact with a friend who has tested positive), I am asking for your help. But not what you think.

It is a favor that will take about 3 minutes of your time and cost just $7.50 (to cover costs to administer elections). BUT it will help Israel and the Jewish people.

Here is the favor: I need you to vote…
In the 2020 Zionist Congress election….
(the legacy of the World Zionist Congress created by Theodor Herzl) – You must vote ASAP as voting closes in next few days by *March 11th*.

And I am asking you to vote for a slate called *KOL YISRAEL* Slate # 14.

Your vote will help Zionism become relevant in the 21st century. AND it will help impact the way $5 billion is spent during the next 5 years!!

The IAC and StandWithUs, the two fastest-growing Zionist organizations in the world, are running in the US elections for the World Zionist Congress in a new party called *Kol Yisrael*.

Unlike other parties, The Kol Yisrael list slate is neither a religious nor a political slate.

Kol Yisrael wants to reverse the declining connection to Israel and fight for more inspiring programs for teens, young adults, and us to INSPIRE them to CARE for Israel and renew Zionist energy.

Kol Yisrael will fight for funds to reach your communities in America to create more community events that bring people together around Israel….and work to creatively COMBAT ANTISEMITISM.

How to vote: it’s easy!

To learn more about the platform and team, please go to and vote for *Kol Yisrael #14*

Be careful and make sure you vote for the right slate!! SLATE # 14!

After you register, you will then get an email with your pin number. Please click back on: and click on vote now and enter your email and your PIN number and then choose slate 14 and click vote and then hit confirmation.

Together, we can make Zionism compelling in the 21st century!

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