When Purim goes on wheels you know you gotta see it!

by Phil Schneider

Purim is the holiday in which people let their hair down. It’s the time when people drink and fill their lives with levity. Why is Purim a time to celebrate? And since when is celebrating about drinking wine?

Drinking wine on Purim is based on a massive feast that took place in Persia. That was the beginning of the massive problems that took place in Persia. What does massive mean? The destruction of the Jewish people. Could all of this have started from a massive feast? Yes. As a matter of fact, the deliverance of the Jewish people could not have happened had the feast not happened. Everything occurred because of a Godly plan that nobody could have possibly imagined. From the very horrible threat itself came the very amazing deliverance.

That is one of the messages of Purim. What we see in this world may indeed be reality. But there is a reality that is beyond what we can perceive. That level of reality – a Godly reality – is sometimes revealed to us. On Purim, we got a snapshot of this. For this, we thank God and thank Him – yes – through song and drink – by entering a higher reality.

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