Abbas’ Lies At The UN Do Not Stand Up Against The Truth

by Micha Gefen

Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen or otherwise known as the mob boss in charge of the Palestinian Authority, spoke at the UN touting his friendly disposition towards the Jewish people.

One would almost fall for his “We are not against the Jews,” line if it was not so blatantly obvious that it is false. After all official PA textbooks are ripe with antisemitic tropes. More than that Imams that lead sermons on the Temple Mount call for the death of Jews.

Of course, for Abbas this just means they are not Muslims. The problem with that line is that if it is true, that means most “Palestinians” aren’t true Muslims. If they aren’t then who are they?

Perhaps they are something different. Yet, Abbas assumes all of us believe his lies and “Fake News.” We don’t.

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