Brigitte Gabriel Tells The Truth About Socialism

by Phil Schneider

Socialism is a form of attack on the rights of the individuals in order to better the lives of the masses.

Sounds nice – right?

But in truth, it is actually the most horrible thing for the individual and the masses. Why? Because it is based on a fundamental non-truth. It is based on the idea that it is simply not fair that some people have alot of money and some people do not. This is definitely an interesting issue – but it is not an issue of fairness. It is an issue of values. Meaning, if somebody rightfully earned an enormous amount of money, does that mean that they really are not entitled to it? Bernie Sanders and other socialists genuinely believe this.

They truly think that the reason why there are so many ills in the world is due to the fact things are unequal. Meaning, once we get everybody to be equal in terms of the outcome of their lifestyles, then everything will be fine. It all sounds great. But the basic problem is that there is no such thing as truly “democratic” socialism. It is not OK to vote into power an immoral system that steals people’s money because they have more. It is not OK to “democratically” decide that all rich people should pay 80% taxes. That is called the dictatorship of the majority against a minority. A minority – yes , even a rich minority can be treated improperly. So, when we hear nice sounding ideas of socialism, let’s not jump to conclusions. They are wrong and immoral, and have been proven countless times to not work.

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