Yonatan Razel’s New Video Is An Inspiration For All People

by Phil Schneider

Yonatan Razel has the sweetest voice. He knows how to explain everything so beautifully – through song. The Razel family has made an enormous impact on so many people through their music. “If you want to travel” is another one of Yonatan’s masterpieces.

What is it about Yonatan that draws people so deeply to his music? I think it is the depth of feeling that all feel when he sings combined with the sweetness of his voice. That is a rare combination and it makes him a pleasure to listen to.

His song about how God has stood with us in every generation has become an instant hit and is sung in tens of thousands of homes. Yonatan inspires us to think deep, to be sweet, and to bring God into our lives – through song and soul!

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