Bernie Sanders Rise Exemplifies the Self-Destruction of American Jewry

by Avi Abelow

The Bernie Sanders campaign just released a video ad targeting Jewish voters. Watch me breakdown the video, showing how Bernie Sanders and his Jewish followers do not represent Judaism at all. They actually exemplify how progressivism is totally detached from true Jewish values, detaching these Jews from their true Jewish identity, people and homeland.

According to Bernie Sanders’ progressive Jews, Judaism is all about charity, helping the world and fighting racism & white supremacy. Those are all nice things that everyone should do, however, that is NOT what being a Jew is about. Not at all.

Bernie Sanders stands for no Jewish values and any Jew, like this, who says otherwise is a lost Jewish soul with no understanding of what it means to be a Jew.

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This is a sad video for me to make because it is focusing on the large percentage of US Jews who have replaced their authentic Jewish identity with their progressive values. And that’s not what it means to be a Jew. Not at all.

Yes, Bernie is human. Those are HUMAN traits that Judaism emphasizes and strengthens to adopted by all, but that is not what Judaism is about!

Again, that is about being a good person, that is NOT what being Jewish is about!

Jewish identity is about peoplehood, we are a unique nation with a unique purpose. Jewish identity is about the desire to live as a people in our homeland ISRAEL and following the ways of G-d, which includes charity and helping make the world a better place. But we are so much more than just those things!

Bernie Sanders has no Jewish identity!!! The only thing he ever says about his Jewish identity is referencing lessons from the Holocaust!

The Holocaust is one blip on the 4,000 year old historical timeline of the Jewish people!

Jewish identity is pride in receding the Torah at Sinai. Jewish identity is pride in celebrating Jewish holidays throughout the year, celebrating our identity and history. Jewish identity is living as a proud Jew deeply connected to our ancestral homeland. Bernie Sanders and his Jewish followers stand for none of that.

They have to return and learn what being a Jew really means.

Being a Jew means being a part of the most inspiring story of humanity, overcoming thousands of years of persecution and exile by remaining loyal to our culture, our heritage, our G-d and our homeland. Interpreting being a Jew as anything else is just plain wrong.

Full Campaign Video and Important Reaction

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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