The Most Banned Person on the Internet Wins Congressional Primary to Fight Big Tech

by Avi Abelow

Laura Loomer is the most censored person on the internet today, totally de-platformed by big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter, as well as many other big tech companies like PayPal and Uber and more. Yet, she was able to overcome all that and win the Republican primary run for Congress for her FL district. 

Totally unbelievable. Even President Trump congratulated her on her win. She is running to represent his district in Florida!

How many people have the fortitude, drive and guts to overcome a total censorship and then launch a Congressional campaign. I only know one. Laura Loomer.

Why was she deplatformed? Because she spoke the truth and exposed the truth. And big tech hates the truth, because it goes against its leftist  “values” of protecting everything having to do with Islam, yet refraining from protecting blatant Jew-hatred, and other leftist ideological causes, like open borders etc. 

Loomer was the first to expose the leaders of the women’s march as Jew-haters, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The American people, and the freedom loving world, need more politicians with the guts like Laura Loomer to speak up for the truth and not be intimidated.

The leftist big tech machine tried to destroy her and erase her from the internet. Yet, she overcome their total censorship and deplatforming to win a Congressional primary! It’s thanks to their crusade against her that she ran for Congress, because Congress was not doing anything to stop the ideological censorship of big tech, which is extremely dangerous for our freedom loving society.

We are rooting for you to win your race Laura and stand up for tall freedom loving people in Congress. 

Big tech are scared out of their minds that Laura Loomer will get to Congress and make them accountable! Go get them Laura! 

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