Is The UAE-Israel Peace Deal A Trigger For War With Iran?

by Micha Gefen

The UAE-Israel peace deal, despite wha the anti-Trump media wants to say was about the biggest thing to happen to the Middle East since ISIS and in this case, it is about peace.

It is no surprise that Iran has seen this event as the single most dangerous development and direct threat to its rule and spreading hegemony in the region.

The UAE is not perfect, but in many ways mirrors the State Israel. It is small and hi-tech and run by rural people who flipped to modernity in order to take advantage of the changing world.

For the UAE it has always been seen in the shadow of Saudi Arabia. However, most people outside of the Arab world felt far more connected to the UAE as a regional leader than Saudi Arabia. This deal enables the UAE to step out from the shadow of the Saudi royal family and rise up to a real leadership in the Gulf and region. When Oman and Bahrain join the Abraham Accords next it increase pressure on Iran.

Imagine Israeli F-35s in striking distance of Iran or Israeli tech supporting the security of all three of the above nations.

Iran understands that finally the unthinkable has happened and their forward march across the region may be imperiled. This is why Gaza has erupted. One should expect Israel’s North to do the same soon, especially since Hezbollah has been linked to the Beirut blast.

Will this stop Israel and the Gulf States from working together – no. But it will embroil the region in chaos, which allows the Mullahs to strengthen their hold before ties between Israel and the Gulf States are further cemented.

There is a war coming. The sides are crystalizing. What we are witnessing now is only the opening salvo.

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