Conservative Jewish journalist sues Twitter for working with Islamic terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

This Conservative Jewish journalist wants to show the world the truth. Here are the frightening facts that too many Americans are ignoring.

The Conservative Jewish Journalist

Conservative Jewish Journalist Laura Loomer sued Twitter for working with CAIR – The Council on American–Islamic Relations, and she sued CAIR as well. Twitter banned Loomer for sharing the truth about CAIR. She says that CAIR is the reason Twitter banned her permanently.

But what is CAIR? Why would Twitter listen to them and choose to ban this Conservative Jewish journalist?

CAIR Supports Terrorism

The executive director of CAIR, Nihad Awad, loudly and proudly stated that he supports Hamas – a designated terrorist organization. So why is Laura Loomer the one getting “punished” by Twitter for spreading the truth about a terrorist organization? Why would twitter choose to side with CAIR? This just seems puzzling, doesn’t it?

The questions continue. Why are our own congresswomen supporting an organization like this one? Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib support CAIR. But if CAIR supports Hamas and terrorism, what does that say about them? Americans are afraid to answer. But ignoring reality will not do America any good. It will just put America in more danger than it already is in…

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