Israeli musician plays the bass in a way you have NEVER heard before

by Chaya Cikk

First of all, this is music to my ears. It is amazing the sounds one can make with an instrument. This sound will blow you away, it has a beat you will be dancing to for days to come.

Adam Ben Ezra

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Adam is a self-taught musician. How cool is that? He loves to play the double bass and is known for playing in many cafes and clubs around Israel. Adam even has his own YouTube Channel, one of his original videos called ‘Can’t Stop Running’ has had over 1 million views!! 1 Million!!! That’s a lot of people!

Music In Israel

Israeli’s love their music, music, and songs bring people together. Therefore there are always people playing music in cafes, clubs, and on the streets. There is never a day that goes by where I am walking down the street and I don’t see a musician playing. Israeli’s are always dancing to some new song.

Music is at the heart and soul of Israel. It is always being played, everywhere you go, including clubs, cafes, beaches, malls, and even outside malls there are speakers playing music. Music is a big part of Israeli Culture.
Music is a way of expressing our emotions. You can have happy, upbeat music for a wedding or any happy occasion. While you can also have sad and slow songs for when we come together in sadness. There are so many different genres of music you can always find a street musician playing a genre you will like.

Did you know that the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra was originally called the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra and was founded in 1936?

Most importantly, Israeli’s are into their music, nothing will stop them from having a good dance party. Also, Israel has even won the Eurovision song contest four times! Most recently with the song ‘Toy’ by Netta Barzilai in 2018.

Finally, people love their music, I am always listening to music whilst doing other things. For that reason, I shall definitely be putting this song on my playlist.

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