Caught on camera: “You will end up in the gas chambers”

by Phil Schneider

What do people in Germany think about Jews that live there today? This video was caught on camera and shows one side of the coin. Obviously, it’s a mixed bag. There are those who have completely moved away from the horrible deeds of their parents and grandparents. They don’t merely walk to a different tune – they denounce their parents and grandparents. On the other side, there is a fringe that basically agrees with the old Neo-Nazi line and longs for the good-old days of the Third Reich.

But the real question about Germany is whether or not their is a silent majority that leans more towards the dark past or a more Western and open-minded future.

Outing Anti-Semites

Should the cameras be focused on anti-semites who spew hatred? Well, if the goal is to expose and out people in order to make sure that the hatred is controlled, then yes. Then that is a positive and constructive use of showing off the hatred – in order to combat it.

However, this must be done very carefully. It is far too easy to feature the haters that are caught on camera and not be crystal clear as to why one is featuring them. This can then lead to people watching and imitating hatred. So, let’s try to feature more and more positive things that are caught on camera. And here and there, sprinkle with a touch of the negative to make sure we stay on guard. In that way, the light will chase away the darkness.

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