Hamas-linked CAIR unveils its plan for an Islamic America

by Leah Rosenberg

What is happening in the US Congress should shake you to the core. The Muslim Congress members are trying to create an Islamic America. The secret is out.

An Islamic America

America should be diverse. Everyone is different. That is the beauty of America. It is a free country, a democratic country. People flee to the United States because of everything it stands for.

But that is going to change if we do not stop what is coming. The Hamas-linked organization, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) openly discussed its plan to create an Islamic America. They do not want Muslims in Congress for diversity but rather to take over the country. Little by little.

Is it Really a Secret?

The thing is that it is not really a secret. They are public about it. And the Muslims in Congress are not quiet about it either. They state their opinions. They openly associate themselves with anti-semites, with terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. But is America too blind to see this? Are Americans ignoring the truth because they are afraid of what is to come? Or are they just plain ignorant?

Listen to the way this CAIR representative speaks. Is it not terrifying? He talks about the slow takeover of Muslims in Congress, even taking over the presidency. You do not hear other religions speaking like this. And we cannot let it happen!

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