The media is endangering Americans by covering up for Biden

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden is now the caretaker Democratic candidate for President. There is one reason that he is getting the wonderful treatment that he is receiving. He is Donald Trump’s rival. But of all of the issues that most of the press is covering up about Joe Biden, there is one glaring issue that is very real – he is definitely slipping and slowing down.

When a 78 year old Presidential candidate puts himself out there to receive the mandate to run the country, age should be the #1 issue that is discussed. Donald Trump is far from perfect. He treats his closest advisors like they are disposable coffee cups. He thinks that showing any level of remorse is a sign of weakness, and indeed has a horrible history of treatment of women. If this was an election that was completely based on character, then Biden, even if he is slowing down, should win hands down. But the history books have shown that often the best Presidents were not the sweetest individuals. Jimmy Carter is not a cruel person but was a horrible President who weakened the place of the USA in the world. Richard Nixon was no saint either, but was one of the most effective Presidents of the 20th century.

Donald Trump has been very effective in raising the economy over his first four years. He has been right on in his dealings with Iran in terms of pressuring them economically. His record on Russia and North Korea is less clear and probably too early to judge. But his leadership during the coronavirus outbreak has been questionable. Of course, the Democratic leadership is part of the issue too, but in truth, it’s not clear what would have been a better response. If the treatments and vaccines being worked on evolve in the coming months to markedly improve the situation, then the crime wave that many cities have been suffering through may become the central issue. Donald Trump – after the election – would clean up the streets – and go over the head of mayors who don’t do it themselves. He has held back until now in order to avoid being accused of racism. But he won’t give two hoots about that after the election. Joe Biden will probably implore and beg the protesters to not destroy too much. The message of the Republicans is true. The main reason to vote Trump is in order to save the cities. Biden is probably a nicer guy, but he won’t be effective against the radical left crime wave.

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