The Left’s lie about Trump and White Supremacy was just crushed

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you want to know the truth about President Trump and White Supremacy? Do you want to know if he actually condemns it? Watch this.

Yes – Trump Slams White Supremacy

It is truly horrific the way the media lies about President Trump. And what is so crazy is how many people believe it when the facts are so clear and the truth is right there. This example about claiming Trump does not denounce White Supremacy is just one of the many times that the media and the Left have spread lies about the president. How dare they mislead the American people.

When people see this video, what do they think? How can they possible claim that Trump supports White Supremacy or that he refuses to condemn it?

Brainwashing Young Voters

America is in shambles right now over the lie that there is systemic racism. So what will get young voters to vote for Biden instead of Trump? By claiming that the president won’t condemn White Supremacy. By making it seem like he too is a racist along with America as a whole. This is another one of the tactics the Left is using to try to bring down Trump. It is another lie to add to their narrative.

It seems that the Left is so deep in their lies that they actually believe what they are saying now. They think it is reality. And they are forcing others to think it is reality as well.

How frightening.

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