Israeli photographer captures the lives of the Corona ward heroes

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at the faces of the Corona ward heroes. See their strength and courage to continue fighting to save the lives of so many.

The Corona Ward Heroes

There is so much depth to these faces. What this Israeli photographer did is amazing. People often think about the many who are sick with COVID-19. But what about the corona ward heroes? The doctors and nurses. The cleaning staff. Everyone who is showing up to work to fight this disease.

And not only are they acting like doctors or nurses, but they are going above and beyond. They are trying to make the sick feel better mentally as well. They have even sang and danced with the patients!

When the medical staff went into their field, they could never have imagined what they would encounter with COVID-19.

But this is what G-d has given them. This is the struggle. And they have shown strength and heroism.

Picture is Worth a Thousands Words

There is a famous saying that a picture is worth a thousands words.

These photos are candid. The photographer did not ask people to pose. Exactly what the picture shows is what was happening at the moment. It is not often that you can get such a real visual of something so intense.

Words may not be able to describe what the photographer felt and saw in the corona ward. Words may not be able to express what the staff in that ward feels daily. But these images can help. These pictures can speak when the words cannot.

Martin Sherman - Bennett
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