Corona ward in Israeli hospital did something incredible for corona patients

by Leah Rosenberg

Something magical took place in the corona ward of an Israeli hospital. Being a doctor or a patient in that ward is not fun. But there are those moments…

Israeli Hospital Brings Smiles

This video is so emotional. People all over the world are sick with COVID-19. Doctors are working in a way they have never worked before. Nurses are exerting every last ounce of energy they have to help corona patients. It seems like the corona wards are in a constant state of being overwhelmed – from the doctor side and the patient side. But then you see what took place in an Israeli hospital, and it gives you hope. It makes you smile that people are so sensitive and are willing to do what they can to bring joy to the sick. And it is not only for those sick. The staff at hospitals also need some inspiration sometimes.

Watching the true joy of these people is unbelievable. Although you cannot see the faces of those dancing, you can tell they are happy. Especially based on the song!

It is a Mitzvah to be Happy

There is a quote from a famous rabbi, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. He was a Hasidic rabbi. He said, “It is a great mitzvah (or commandment) to always be happy.”

Those are the words being sung in the corona ward. Can you imagine? You wonder how they can be happy. But then you hear this song and you see the dancing, and it makes sense. There is just so much love and caring; so much sensitivity.

It might seem like a small thing, but clearly, this was so much more than just dancing and singing.

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