Saudi ex-spy chief slams “Palestinian” leadership

by Phil Schneider

Abba Eban once explained that the “Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” This applies more to the Arabs in the State of Israel who have created their own fictitious national entity and claim to be part of an ancient Arab nation called, “The Palestinians.” The “Palestine” movement has basically evolved into a world-wide struggle to delegitimize the State of Israel and isolate the State of Israel economically until they give in and just hand over parts of the Holyland to a newly formed “State of Palestine.” This is all a pipe dream that will not happen. The Saudi ex-spy understands why. This is a short explanation.

The Arab leadership inside the State of Israel cares less about their own self-determination, and more about their own retention of power. Additionally, after their main priority of retaining power, the Arab leadership would rather use their resources to terrorize Israel than to help their own people. This is not merely a theory of many on the Israeli side. This is what a vast majority of Arabs will admit too – but not in writing.

The tens of millions of dollars that flow into the Palestinian Authority (PA) coffers do not trickle down to the Arab man on the street – unless the man is related to one of the leaders of the PA. Corruption is the norm. Nearly everybody accepts this as self-evident. Elections are nearly always won by big majorities and rarely does one see any major improvements infrastructure or services to the Arab on the Street of a city run by the PA. This is why so many of the Arabs who live in Israeli cities prefer to be citizens of the State of Israel and not under the corrupt leadership of the PA.

The PA had ample opportunities to receive offers of as much as 93% of the Heartland of Israel. Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert were both willing to give away the store. But they both met with stubborn objections and got nowhere. The Saudi ex-spy is right. But one day, there will be a peaceful ending – when enough of the PA leadership is brought down by a younger generation that rejects corruption and thinks more like the young leaders of Bahrain and the UAE.

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