The question that will change the way you view the Middle East

by Phil Schneider

Dennis Prager was an acclaimed national radio host with an excellent reputation. Then he started Prager University, an online university that understands that the most effective way to truy impact on the minds of the masses is not with long-winded classes on university campuses. It is with short, yet powerful videos that get to the heart of the issue. Every issue is explored by an expert on the subject and contains entertaining and easy to understand animation. This is why Prager University has grown to monumental proportions over the last few years. It is making an enormous impact.

The message in this video is short, powerful, and absolutely true. It is as brilliant as it is simple. In truth, many of the issues that need to be explained today can be simplified. The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of many issues that seems like an implacable and difficult to understand conflict. But after this short clip, it becomes clear that it indeed is not. It really does come down to one side’s refusal to accept the other side’s existence. Gold Meir put it differently. She said that there will be peace in the Middle East when the Arabs love their own children more than they hate ours. This is also true.

No need for apologetics on what seems like a thorny issue. It’s not that complicated at all. IDF satands for Israel Defense Forces. That is exactly what it is. The Israeli Army defends the Jewish people in the State of Israel and outside of it. It does not exist for any other reason. Imperialism has largely disappeared over the last 80 years, and the Jewish State never had any expansionist plans. Israel exists in order to defend the Jewish people – it’s that simple.

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