Is It 2020? Cuomo Targets The Jews

by Micha Gefen

Regardless of how one feels about anti-lockdown protests in Brooklyn, the spark which lit their fuse was clearly NY Governor Cuomo’s statement directed to Orthodox Jews in NY – blaming them for increased corona rates.

Unbelievable, that in 2020, anti-semitic tropes are being hauled out to redirect responsibility.

Words have an effect on how people perceive the other and Cuomo’s words could have been uttered 75 plus years ago.

While, no one doubts that many in the Orthodox community are slacking on the coronavirus rules – they as an entire community are not and there are many others in New York who are openly skirting the anti-virus rules, yet Cuomo has only made public statements singling out the Orthodox Jewish community.

Cuomo should be calling everyone out equally, not just the Orthodox Jewish community. That is the correct action of a public leader.

Cuomo appears to be using anti-semitic tropes to escape responsibility. It is extremely sad and scary.

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