The Left’s barbaric response to those they disagree with

by Gavriel Dan

The Left can’t just take losing. When Boris Johnson’s conservative party won an overwhelming victory last week the left let out a barbaric response against the vast majority of Brits who voted for Johnson.

*Graphic language warning and inappropriate leftist “protest” dance at 3 minutes.

The response by the left to Johnson’s unprecedented win just shows the absurd level of incivility in the Western left today with those they disagree with. The thing is they actually don’t realize that attacking over half the country as racists and fascists doesn’t actually win elections.

“Not my Prime Minister. Not my Prime Minister. Fascist, fascist, fascist,” one woman can be seen shouting.

No longer able to agree to disagree, with respect, rather they spew hate and insults as well as attempting to totally delegitimize everyone they disagree with.

The left has so drastically veered away from their old alliance with working class voters that their focus on social issues has caused them to slip into extreme politics. Attacking your former voting block just doesn’t work.

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