Who is the enemy from within the US?

by Phil Schneider

ActforAmerica.org is the exact opposite of a politically correct national organization. Brigitte Gabriel leads the charge at exposing and fighting the anti-American ideals of the far left that have seeped into the mainstream of the Democratic party. Act for America is not about unifying our country – it is about fighting for the heart and soul of the country? Is this what is needed? Do we need more organizations like this or should we support organizations that work towards a more unified and peaceful country?

We Need to Both Fight and Unite

Brigitte Gabriel is right about the character of our country being attacked by the far left progressives. She is right that the best method to fight is in the Halls of Congress via new bills and via electing out the congresspeople that are attacking values of freedom. But there is another value that is not often heard. The value of unity. The moderate Republicans – not progressives, and not very conservative either – are an important group. They generally will vote Republican even if they have to hold their nose at times. They are reasonable people, but not ideologues. They don’t talk like Brigitte Gabriel and don’t support her work. These people are not the enemy. They are part of what makes up the healthy leadership of the United States of America. The right wing ideologues need to know how to work together with the moderates. Name-calling, such as using the pejorative word “Rinos” to characterize Republicans that the ideologues deem not sufficiently right-wing, is a negative phenomenon. It is that kind of righteous, “we know everything” attitude, that sidelines the right-wingers and allows Congress to be led by it’s radical left-wing progressive wing. The goal should be to have a healthy middle of moderate Republicans and Democrats that serve as the counterweight to extremes on both ends. Then, let the ideologues try to pull the center to their side. But let’s not forget that the middle has shifted leftward. Part of the reason for this is the lack of a strong middle-ground. ActforAmerica will do a great service if they both attack the radical left and strengthen the middle. But we need to be wary of losing the middle in the fight against the radicals.

Arab Incitement
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