Most Christian tours are not seeing the real Biblical land of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Let’s take a look at the Biblical land of Israel – the land that so many deny belongs to the Jewish people. Judea and Samaria!

Judea & Samaria – the Biblical Land

The world wants to claim that Judea and Samaria do not belong to the Jewish people. They renamed that area “The West Bank.” But in reality, that land is Biblical Land! Judea and Samaria is part of Israel – it IS Israel! Those areas are the same areas that the Jewish forefathers and foremothers walked. It is insane that Judea and Samaria has become the center of attention in politics. Why can’t the world just accept that the Jews come from JUDEA? What is so complicated? For those who care about the Bible, they need to realize that it is not a territorial or a political issue. It is the “original Bible belt!”

Care About the Truth!

In a world where so many people do not care about the truth and facts, we need the people who love Israel and want to defend it to see the truth and share it. The Christians, the Jews – whoever else! Come to Israel – to Judea and Samaria. Visit the places of the Bible. Do not listen to the lies the world spreads about the Jewish state. Do not listen to what they say about “The West Bank.” Our forefathers and foremothers did not call Judea and Samaria “The West Bank.” So why should we?

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