The Israeli Arab hero who is fighting for his country

by Leah Rosenberg

You want to know the truth about Israel? Just ask this Israeli Arab. He’ll tell you everything. He knows because he has seen it all.

Israeli Arab Gives it all for Israel

It is not only Jews who put their lives on the line to defend Israel and the Jewish people. There are Muslims, Christians, Druze; there are Arabs of all kinds. And why do they do it? Because Israel represents democracy, peace, and truth. Israel represents the values that moral people want to defend. And this Israeli Arab, Yoseph Haddad, gave it all to protect the Jewish homeland. He was almost killed. But he fought proudly.

And he was not angry at his choice to protect Israel when he was badly injured. He continued to inspire himself and others.

Israeli Arabs are Treated Equally

There are many things to gain from this story. But one thing is for sure: You can see that Israeli Arabs are treated the same as Jews. They are not discriminated against. They serve in the same units of the army as Jews. Israeli Arabs are doctors and lawyers; restaurant owners and teachers. They drive buses and work in hi-tech.

This one Israeli Arab proves that the lie about Israel being an apartheid state is just that – a big lie. And he wants you to know. He wants the world to know the truth.

Although he can no longer fight the physical fight for Israel, he is now fighting one of the most important fights: The media fight. The fight of how Israel looks to the world. The fight for truth. And he deserves all the honor in the world for that.

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