Israeli Arab humiliates the entire BDS Movement 

by Leah Rosenberg

WOW! The BDS Movement just got what it deserved. And it was done by an Israeli Arab sharing the truth. This video needs to be seen far and wide!

Goal of the BDS Movement

If the point of the BDS Movement is to share the truth, then they would yield to the truth. They would admit that they are wrong.

But even when an Israeli Arab himself tells them they are wrong, they still try to spread lies.

Their goal is not to share the truth. It is to demonize Israel. Otherwise, BDS activists would not try to silence Yoseph Haddad, an Israeli Arab. They would welcome his views! And it is not just “views.” It is an objective matter, not subjective. Haddad shares the facts about Israel.

BDS activists do not care about freedom. They do not care about Arabs. And that is obvious from this video.

Impossible to Boycott Israel

The BDS activist did not want to answer the question of if he would use a COVID-19 vaccine if Israel developed one. Why? Because he knows that in reality, it is impossible to boycott the Jewish state. Of course he would use the vaccine! Just like he uses technology and other things that Israel developed, but he probably has no idea. Or he does know, but he refuses to admit it. Israel has given so much to the world that it is nearly impossible to boycott them.

Fighting for Israel

If an Israeli Arab is willing to sacrifice so much to defend the Jewish state, we can all learn how much we ourselves should be dedicated to fighting for Israel. And it is not only because Israel is the only Jewish state. But anyone who wants to defend the truth should defend Israel. Anyone who cares about freedom should defend Israel.

Maybe we cannot all be as strong and active as Yoseph Haddad, but we can all do our part to spread the truth about Israel.

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