Thousands of Yazidi women are still being tortured by ISIS

by Phil Schneider

ISIS and other terrorist organizations do not stop while the world seems to have come to a halt. That is the nature of terrorist entities. Saddam Hussein never stopped in his attempts to take over his neighbors. He spent most of his time as leader of Iraq invading either Iran, Kuwait, or building up for a nuclear attack against Israel.

There are countries like Israel that can never rest on their laurels. The Middle East is a dangerous neighborhood and has been that way – long before the founding of the State of Israel. That is one of the reasons why Israel must always take precautions that other countries do not need to. What Israel agrees with their neighbors today may have no relevance just one year later.

ISIS was not a force in the Middle East 10 years ago. But then suddenly at the end of the Iraq war, they emerged from the vacuum that was created and became a major threat to the entire region. Israel was not surprised. This kind of thing happens in the Middle East rather often. Lebanon was once a peaceful haven in the region. Then the Sunnis and Shiites got into a vicious Civil War that has largely festered for decades. In the early 1980’s, Israel once tried to invest much energy into helping a moderate leadership evolve in Lebanon. But soon after Bashir Gemayel was elected into power, a powerful bomb was detonated that killed him along with any hopes for a moderate leadership in Lebanon. Israel can never rest – they must always be on guard and do their part to defend against ISIS and whomever threatens their security.

Motivation for Terror
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