INSURRECTION CONTINUES: Normalizing Violence Is Key For Left’s Revolution

by Micha Gefen

While the US burns and citizens are legitimately worries about its future, something is happening that threatens to push America over the cliff completely.

The riots much like the coronavirus pandemic has gained potency and power through a coordinated media strategy. While no one is denying the brutal police slaying of George Floyd, what is at question is the violent turn the protests have taken across America.

The “protests” as the corporate media wants to continue to call them are about normalizing chaos in America. While Deep State leaders continue to march with far more controlled protests, exhorting the evils of President Trump and systemic racism, rioting and looting continue. Police departments like the one in Minneapolis face defunding and disdain for the President and his supporters grows across the country.

The fact is, President Trump is not perfect, but claims such as the on Colin Powell leveled at him that “the President has drifted away from the Constitution” are so beyond the pale, one has to question why he would make such a claim in the first place.

No one asks a simple question: Why are a bunch of former military leaders banding together to criticize Trump? If they were in military uniforms it would be considered a military push.

In fact President Trump was considered by many in the Black community to be a friend, that is until he became an enemy to the elite.

People like Colin Powell, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney are globalists through and through. It was this group who convinced a country that it was necessary to invade Iraq where thousands upon thousands of service men and women lost their lives. President Trump opposed that war.

Leaders like Obama and Biden championed working with China even at the expense of blue collar jobs across the USA – many of which belonged to African Americans.

The chaos or protests as the corporate controlled media has named them, are about one thing, the destruction of America. They are not about racism. If they were, they wouldn’t have claimed the lives of other African Americans.

The Deep State wants to take down President Trump. True, he sometimes makes it easy for them to attack him, but one must look deeper than the constant jabbing between the two foes. In reality President Trump’s policies threatened to undermine the Wall Street – China partnership that was destroying US independence. His policies also undermined the military industrial complex that had grown powerful.

Once again, Trump’s rhetoric may be caustic, but his policies until coronavirus came along threatened to hegemonic control that Big Tech, China, and Wall Street had over the US citizenry.

The current insurrection was borne out of legitimate protests, but usurped and bent by the elite’s need to claw their way back into power.

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