Is War Coming To Israel Despite Peace Deals or Because of Them?

by Micha Gefen

When one looks back at what triggered the next Israeli war it will ironically be because of the current spate of peace deals with Sunni Arab States.

Peace is of course good and these deals are necessary, but the Iranian regime is now backed up against the wall because of them. Every new deal that is signed between a Sunni Arab state and Israel unifies the anti-Iranian coaltion and weakens Tehran’s hand.

The latest peace deal with Sudan is especially damaging to Iran as it cements the end of their ability to use Sudan as an arms transferrer to Hamas and Hezbollah. In fact, it also ends Irans unabated use of the Red Sea to harm other Sunni countries. While Sudan had already moved into Saudi Arabia’s circle, a peace deal with Israel cements that new alliance even further, damaging Iran’s capabalities in the region.

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