The question about Jews that sparked a fierce debate

by Phil Schneider

Why is this a major issue? This is a perfect example of a big hullabaloo about nothing. Racism and any form of color-coding is the kind of thing that ought to be viewed as a low-level of discussion. Whether or not lots of people talk about something does not necessarily make it into an important issue.

The anti-“white privilege” movement is the other side of the coin of the black lives matter movement. There are way too many people today that think that everything should be seen through the prism of historic oppression of minorities. Well, even if there are grains of truth or many grainis of truth to this perspective, it is a radical view that is looking at one minor side of the world and ignoring nearly everything else around it.

But moreover, the real problem with that ideology is that it is patently false. Yes, racism most certainly exists… What needs to be changed is the “blame the other person” mindset. Even if problems persist, and some people are dealt a rough deck of cards, the key is to realize that we all are responsible for what happens in our life. Systemic racism is not the core of any major issue. It is just another challenge that must be met.

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