Arab-Israeli video blogger exposes Al Jazeera

by Leah Rosenberg

Al Jazeera is not a source to get real news from. They are destroying journalism by being untruthful. And an Israeli-Arab video blogger has exposed them.

The Truth about Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a horrendous network that brainwashes the minds of millions worldwide. They have no interest in sharing the truth. All they want to do is spread lies about Jews, Israel, and the West. If there is something good, they will make you think it’s bad. If there is something true, they will make you think it’s false.

And now they have targeted an Israeli-Arab video blogger named Nuseir Yassin who has a platform known as Nas Daily. The goal of Nas Daily is just to spread love and peace to people all over the world. Nas is people in Arabic. Yassin has no interest in being political or spreading hate. He just cares about people. As his website says, “We are a force for good.”

And somehow, Al Jazeera decided he was a proper target. They spread lies about him.

It is important to be clear that it is not just the Arab world that is getting the fake news. Although Yassin mentions in the video that Al Jazeera only targets the Arab world when spreading lies, the English network promotes fake news as well. They do it in a way that lines up with Western values so that Westerners will accept their dishonest reporting.

The Effects of the Media

It is so frightening how the media can brainwash people. And when it is a platform like Al Jazeera which is being funded by a terror government like Qatar who gives a lot of money, they can reach the minds of anyone anywhere.

Can you imagine how many lies are being spread and have been spread throughout the internet and other media outlets?

We need to spread the truth. Tell the world what Al Jazeera won’t.

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