Ambassador to UN defends universal human rights in face of tyrannies in UN

by Leah Rosenberg

Some things are universal. Some things are black and white. And when it comes to human rights, there are universal standards.

Human Rights at the UN

Sadly, human rights have not been protected at the United Nations. Countries like Syria and China get away with the world’s worst human rights violations, and Democratic countries like Israel are attacked. Syria and China are responsible for literally murdering their own people. Shouldn’t that outrage the entire world?

Canada’s ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae, would not hear of the hypocrisy. He gave an unscripted response, which is not common at the United Nations. Ambassadors usually read from already prepared speeches.

But human rights must be defended throughout the entire world. And if they are not defended in the place that has been created specifically TO defend these values, where do you go from there? The United Nations should be ashamed of what it has become.

There are tyrannical governments trying to control what happens at the United Nations and in the world. We need more people like Bob Rae to protest. We need more people like Rae to stop reading from a script and to start defending what is universally accepted as moral and just.

Col. Kemp

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