Biden’s Alleged Corruption Is Derailing His Campaign With Days Left

by Micha Gefen

No one knows the outcome of this election, but what is clear, the Biden emails and now tapes coming out with just days to go are derailing his campaign.

There is no way around it. It is looking more and more likely that Joe Biden and his family are corrupt. Way beyond the faux blue color persona and its selling out of the American worker. They did this while enriching themselves. The leftwing MSM is trying its best to cover this up, but the pandora’s box is now open.

This corruption scandal harms him in the battleground states as it reenforces the claim that he is a corrupt career politician. In fact it is deeper. The Russian hoax and the Ukrainian impeachment scam was predicated on Democrats falsifying information and these same Democrats in a sense wasted tax payer money while covering up the real corruption scandal.

We don’t kow how much the Biden campaign is bleeding but he has called off all public appearences with nine days to go.

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