The European governments are trying to hide this video

by Phil Schneider

The main reason that European governments are donating to NGO’s that support terrorism in the Middle East is a bit of a mystery. Do they hate the State of Israel? What is it that drives the leadership of the European Union to be so against so much of what the State of Israel represents? Is ati-semitism still alive and well in Europe and the United States?

The answer is that anti-semitism was never dead. It has always been a latent, yet powerful force that was under wraps – even when things seemed relatively calm. In today’s climate, there are many various forces that rarely converge ideologically – except when it comes to hatred of the Jewish people. Radical leftists, across the entire world, stand up against the State of Israel out of supposed sympathy for the “palestinian” cause. This is despite the fact that there had never been an Arab “palestinian” cause until after Israel won the Six Day War and defeated three Arab armies dead-set on throwing the Jews into the sea. The entire concept of a unique national entity of Arabs called “palestinians” is nothing more than an excellent anti-Israel marketing ploy to degrade the moral standing of the State of Israel.

But it has taken root in nearly all of the countries of Europe. Even in those countries that are generally considered to be a bit more friendly to the State of Israel, there are growing trends to be more and more anti-Israel. The pro-Israel elements are the exception, not the rule.

Anti-semitism is not 72 years old. It existed for centuries before the State of Israel was even a dream of Theodor Herzl. But today, the most common form is the anti-Israel brand of anti-semitism. The best way to combat hatred is to shine headlights on it and teach the world about morality. The European Union ought to know where tens of millions of their dollars is headed.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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