How King Solomon almost never became king

by Leah Rosenberg

We know that King Solomon became king after King David. But take a look at the exact spot he was anointed and how quickly it happened.

Forefathers and Biblical Stories

The stories in the Bible are relatable. Although our forefathers were great and righteous, they were also human. They made mistakes. They had feelings and concerns. King David and King Solomon are two of the most well known Jewish kings in history. They too were human. Read their writings – the book of Psalms and Proverbs and more. It is easy to relate to many of the ideas they write about.

The Spot King Solomon Became King

If you have never taken tours of the City of David and other places throughout Israel, it may be hard to picture how many stories in the Bible occurred. It may not fully make sense.

But then when you go to Israel and see everything with your own eyes, the Bible literally comes to life. All the pieces connect. Many questions are answered.

It is almost humorous that so much of the world still tries to deny the Jewish connection to Israel. Jewish history is not something abstract. You can feel it. You can literally touch it with your hands. But the world still advocates for the lies of the “Palestinian” Arabs. The United Nations still denies the thousands-years-old history of Israel and the Jewish people.

Just read the Bible. Learn modern Jewish history and see the discoveries that have been unearthed. The archaeology of the Jewish state speaks for itself. The stones tell you all the stories. You just have to open your ears and listen.

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